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Aug 2013


The 5th Live to Love Eye Camp,This Time...In Ladakh

Organised by Live To Love International, the 5th Eye Camp for cataract treatment will be held from August 30 to September 1, 2013 in Ladakh, in collaboration with the outreach team of Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Nepal, and the Health Department, Leh, Ladakh, and onground support by members of Young Drukpa Association (YDA) Ladakh and volunteers of Live to Love International.

For the fifth time, Live to Love international will team up with Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology in Nepal, co-founded by Dr. Sanduk Ruit, an internationally renowned Eye Surgeon whose innovative small-incision cataract surgery, utilizing inexpensive intraocular lenses, has restored vision to hundreds of thousands of underserved cataract patients around the world. This will be Dr. Ruit¡¯s first visit to Ladakh and he will operate together with Dr. Phunchok Angchuk and Dr. S.T. Angchuk both from Ladakh. The Druk White Lotus Clinic in Kathmandu will actively participate in supporting the forthcoming eye camp by providing specifically trained people.

It is also commonly known that the Himalayas have one of the highest rates of cataract blindness in the world. Additionally, YDA will hold education seminars on eye protection to the people of Ladakh, before and after the eye camp.

Todate we have successfully supported close to 1,000 cataract operations. With your generous contribution, we believe that more than 500 cataract operations will take place in Ladakh during the 5th Eye Camp.

Key facts about visual impairment & blindness
Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

  • About 314 million people are visually impaired worldwide, 45 million of them are blind.
  • Most people with visual impairment are older, and females are more at risk at every age, in every part of the world.
  • About 87% of the world's visually impaired live in developing countries.
  • The number of people blinded by infectious diseases has been greatly reduced, but age-related impairment is increasing.
  • Cataract remains the leading cause of blindness globally, except in the most developed countries.
  • Correction of refractive errors could give normal vision to more than 12 million children (ages five to 15).
  • About 85% of all visual impairment is avoidable globally.
Suffering from blindness affects not only the blind, but also members of their family and community. A blind person, unable to care for themselves in harsh environment where there are few paved roads and where terrain is rugged and mountainous, requires a help of a family member, which essentially takes two people out of being able to contribute to family income, or community life. With sight restored, many patients would be able to return to work and to traditional roles in their families and societies.
Be someone's light!
Sponsor the "Live To Love Eye Camp" 

Each eye surgery costs US$250  - including food, housing, and care for the recovery period.
With over 500 patients in critical need, our goal is to raise enough funds to financially support the surgeries for all of them. Every single eye surgery will save a life from darkness.

  You can sponsor the Live To Love Eye Camp by payment through:-

  (i)  PayPal via Live to Love Charitable Foundation Limited, Hong Kong

  (ii) Bank account In Malaysia via Drukpa Penang:-

  Bank Account:345-3-011155-3
  Address: 19 Love Lane 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
  Beneficiary Bank: United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd
  Bank Address: Lebuh Bishop Branch, 64E-H Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Penang,Malaysia
  Swift code: uovbmykl
  Remarks: For all payments, please specify donation as:Eyecamp.

The increase in cost of surgery, compared to those undertaken in Kathmandu, Nepal, is due to the transportation of surgery equipment from Kathmandu to Ladakh, the flight costs for medical personnel, as well as the cost of screenings in very remote areas of Ladakh, where help is most needed.

Thank you for your generosity!



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