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A Successful Fundraising Through The Musical Glitz & Glamour
Nov 2010

The day of the concert finally arrived. As the official sponsor for the show, we were given the privilege to set up a booth to promote our Live to Love activities. A
few members from Drukpa Penang and Drukpa KL arrived at the venue early to help with the setting up of the booth and the video presentation of "Bringing Smiles Back To Ladakh", which is the theme of this Fund Raising.

Guests started to arrive at around 2.30pm. Many were drawn to our Live to Love exhibition booth, eager to find out more about our activities. Those interested were given the information booklet on Live to Love and Ladakh Emergency Appeal. There were quite a number of people also donated cash at the booth for the disaster. Apart from visiting the booth, guests also gathered to watch the video presentation of "Bringing Smiles Back to Ladakh" which gives the audience a brief introduction of Ladakh, the widespread damages caused by the disaster and the relief efforts by Live to Love.

Just before the start of the musical, Dipam came on stage and gave a very engaging speech, highlighting the devastation and sufferings brought about by the disaster and the need for the rebuilding Ladakh. She also spoke about the lack of media coverage on the disaster which put it in a disadvantage position in receiving sufficient aids internationally. Hence, Live to Love is aggressively driving a donation campaign for Ladakh in an effort to Bring Smiles Back to Ladakh! Before she ended her speech, she expressed on behalf of Live to Love, sincere gratitude towards everyone present for their support.

Also we would like to take this opportunity to thank the sponsors of the show for their generous contributions. We have successfully raised RM100,000 from the ticket sales and donations. This amount will be channeled to the Ladakh Rebuilding Funds through Live to Love Charitable Foundation Limited.

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